Families Hope, LLC

Families Hope, LLC is a new company opening in Lexington, Kentucky. We will be offering quality services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our motto is we make living exciting. We chose to use this motto because it is exactly how we feel about our participants. We feel like everyone has the right to enjoy life and enjoy life they way they want to live it. We strive to assist our participants in self-advocacy, natural supports and an exciting life in the community based on their personal wants and needs.

We want to provide person centered services which will allow our participants to benefit from exceptional services in Activities of Daily Living, Day Training services, Community Access, Personal Care, Respite, Supported Employment, and contracted services of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Behavioral Supports.

We pride ourselves in knowing the supports our participants want and need. We put forth the effort to get to know each person on a personal level, where we can help structure their support specifically to them. We spend personal one on one time with participants so they can experience events and groups of their choice, in the community. We build friendships that last a lifetime.